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Study Options

Those wishing to get started down a biotechnology career path without any prior biology or biotechnology experience may want to consider pursuing a biotechnology certificate degree program. These certificates can be obtained through continuing education distance learning programs and can be achieved in a relatively short time. When earned through an accredited program, these certificates may be sufficient for the holder to earn a job as a laboratory or research technician. Those with higher aspirations in biotechnology may consider an associate’s degree that will provide additional research skills and technical knowledge.

Advanced Degrees

Those who want to explore the full range of biotechnology options will need to start by earning a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology. These programs offer courses in basic aspects of biotechnology such as general concepts in biotechnology, food biotechnology, basic manufacturing concepts and drug development.

Master of Science

Master of Science degrees in biotechnology will vary according to which area of biotechnology you wish to study. Some may choose a Master of Science in Biotechnology Studies, which focuses on the management and the practical functionality of specific technologies in the biotechnology industry. Others may pursue a Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics, which uses computational methods to solve biological problems.

Further Education

There are many areas in biotechnology that require intensive study. Experts in these sub-disciplines of biotechnology are often in great demand in their specific fields. These disciplines include red biotechnology, the application of biotechnology techniques to medicine, green biotechnology, the application of these techniques to agriculture, white biotechnology, which applies biotechnology specifically to industrial processes and blue biotechnology, which brings biotechnology to the marine world.

Choosing a Degree

Those who took to biology in high school may be particularly well suited for a degree in biotechnology. Students who are interested in applying the concepts and theories touched upon in biology to real world situations will often find what they are looking for in biotechnology. Biotechnology offers science students to get their hands dirty, to really use biological knowledge to manipulate the environment for the better.

Career Opportunities

People with degrees in biotechnology can find career opportunities in pharmaceutical formulation, as bio-organic chemists and as university professors. They can apply their skills in the agriculture industry, the military, in genetic laboratories and in hospitals. Opportunities for biotechnology experts are virtually limitless.

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